Mood Dynamic Playlists

Published 4/12/2021


We listen to music for enjoyment, distraction, joy, comfort, and focus. People curate music playlists to reflect and affect their own moods. Popular music platforms like Spotify also create playlists of songs with similar moods by feeding data on a song’s characteristics to machine learning models which create personalized playlists for users. The music from these playlists is not optimized to steer users to productivity, and often distracts instead. Previous affective music studies create playlists of songs with a similar emotional state, but those playlists were not dynamic based on mood. We create a "productivity playlist," an intelligent algorithm that creates playlists that automatically adjust based on the user’s current mood to lead them towards a happier or more productive state.

Team Members

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    Shaurya Gaur


    Shaurya Gaur

    B.S. Computer Science

    Doctoral candidate, Radbound University